Widget Issue - Spinning Wheel


We have the widget connected to a couple of SharePoint sites, this has been working fine up until today. We are just getting the spinning wheel.

We have tried clearing the cache but get the same results.

Please can you help?


We experience this over and over again.

Sometimes it runs for a few weeks and you think everything is ok and then it starts all over again.

We operate a service portal for our customers that a Plumsail partner made for us and our customers who use the widget are already laughing at us or are angry.

We have found that communication to a cloudflare endpoint fails and timeouts occur. It seems to fail because of the content delivery management.

Hello! On Friday, we had an issue on one of our servers that caused the described issue. For now it should work fine. Please check and let me know whether the issue still persists.


everything is going well at the moment. I'll report back if there are problems again.

We have a monitoring system that we can switch to the API. We want to test whether we can do it.

That would put us in a position where we would know promptly if something went wrong. So we could be a little more proactive.

Is there something like an IT status page at Plumsail where you can see current problems?

There is no such a page. We have a monitoring and alerting system but it is for the internal use only. If there are any general issues, developers start working on it on the same day as they occur.