Widget not placing on SharePoint page


We are currently setting up Plumsail for the first time, we are currently using a trial version.

We have followed the instructions here: https://plumsail.com/docs/help-desk-o365/v1.x/Configuration%20Guide/Adding%20widget%20to%20SharePoint%20site.html#adding-widget-to-modern-sharepoint-page

To put the widget on a O365 SharePoint page. HOWEVER when we get to "Adding widget to modern SharePoint page" the Plumsail app does not come up in the app picker.

We have installed the app into the app catalogue from the SharePoint store we have also installed it into the specific site contents but we cannot actually put it on a page/it does not appear as an app in the drop down. We have tried both as a standard user and as a global admin and nothing we do seems to add it as an app we can actually add.

Has anyone encountered this before and/or have any suggestions?


Could you delete the widget package from your app catalogue and upload it again? Ensure you checked "Make this solution available to all sites..."



Thanks very much for your response. We have done that and no luck.

We removed it completely from the tenancy and then added it again ensuring "Make this solution available to all sites..." was ticked and we can install it into the site contents like this:

But it does not appear here:

Today, the issue has occurred on my test instance too. I've contacted developers and will inform you about the results I get.

Please try to add a new widget web part: it should work now.

Thanks! This does now appear as it should BUT it never loads. We get a never ending spinning grey wheel:

Could you try to load the page in other browsers as well as in the same but in private mode? Is there any difference? Also, please reproduce the issue and share the content of browser console and an exported HAR file (F12 => Network). You can provide the requested information in a private message or raise a support ticket by sending a message to [email protected].

Besides, did you any customization of your HelpDesk instance, i.e. changing existing columns or adding new ones?


We have tried other browsers (chrome, edge and firefox) and incognitos modes etc. all with the same result.

I have emailed [email protected] with the HAR file.

We have not customised our helpdesk instance at all.

I've replied to you in the raised ticket. Let's continue our discussion there.

Thanks for the additional details here, the only thing I still need is browser console logs. Send them please to the ticket.

This has now been successfully solved with the help of Plumsail's very helpful support team!

For anyone having this problem in the future: The solution is that we needed to be logged in as the TENANCY ADMIN for the Helpdesk Widget to install properly.

Also, this section in documentation can be helpful. Sometimes, installation of apps on SP sites requires approval in app catalogue (depends on your security preferences).