You are using Actions API key to make a call which is prohibited for current endpoint. Try to use a different key

I am using Plumsail basic API key to parse the body of email in power automate but it is throwing below error:-

You are using Actions API key to make a call which is prohibited for current endpoint. Try to use a different key

However as per the Plumsail portal description, I can use Basic API to parse the content as it don't require any SharePoint connection.

I had already gone through with the post already available for same issue but it was not helpful as it was stating generic statements to change the API type.

My question is that when the Basic API type is meant for parsing the data using regex then why it is not working here?

Please suggest what I am missing.

Hello! The regular expression match action is available in two of our products: Actions and Documents. It works identically but requires an accordant connection dependent on what API key you use. In your case, it is a key for Actions but you tried to connect to the Documents service that is why you got the error. All you need is just to chose another product and use the same basic API key when creating a connection.


Thanks for the update. Plumsail SP didn't gave that error. BUT, it didn't returned the result as per your example.=How to use regular expression match to extract values from text in Power Automate (Microsoft Flow), and Azure Logic Apps

I tried the same with the same mail content. I am attaching the output of flow. Please let me know what I am missing?

Plumsail.txt (10.4 KB)

For me, it works with the text provided in the mentioned article:

Perhaps, yours just didn't contain any matches. You can test the input and regular expressions with a Regex Hero tool.

Dear Evseychik,
Thanks for the update. I am also using the same data as you are using from the same article. I had further diagnosed the scenario. There are 3 cases-

  1. Body had been fetched from Email as such and used in the same manner in Regex Action.
  2. Body had been fetched from Email as such and is parsed in plain text and used the same in Regex Action.
  3. Content copied from the article and pate in Text area in flow.

The output for all 3 cases have been attached. The only 3rd case is returning the out as you have shared. If you are also doing the same then it is not useful as the content has to fetch dynamically. Please suggest. Just want to confirm that for all 3 cases, the content is same.

We would advise you to use plain text since it won't be too difficult to build a regular expression for it. The HTML text obviously differs from the plain one which is provided in the article and requires its own regular expression. The text after the HTML conversion also differs from the one in the sample: it has empty lines and that also should be taken into account when building a regular expression. So for the converted text, please use the following expression:

Title: (?<Title>.+|)\n*
Price: (?<Price>.+|)\n*
Quantity: (?<Quantity>\d+)

As I mentioned earlier, we advise using the Regex Hero tool for testing expressions:

If it worked there then it will work in our action either:

Thanks Evseychik,
Now you got my point.

Once again thanks for your support.

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