Merge Documents adds page break automatically. How can I avoid that?


I am facing a situation that the "Merge Docx" action in Power Automate adds a page break between two documents.

I have document 1 and document 2 they are different templates, we merge them together after we populate some values to the Template2, please see the below examples. Do you know why it behaves like this? what I did wrong? We don't have this issue before, the merge will only add a section break before, now it adds a page break and a section break. How can I troubleshoot on this? We don't want the page break in between the two templates after the merge.

Template 1:

Template 2:

After merge, it adds a Page break and section break, between the "Scope of work" normal text and the {{Name}} heading 1

In the paragraph setting for "Scope of work" texts and Heading 1 we do not have any page break at the paragraph level.

Below is how it looks like in Power Automate:

Here I attach the templates and the result file:
Template1.docx (49.8 KB)
Template2.docx (50.4 KB)
ResultFile.docx (54.9 KB)

Hi @SnowBlue,

I reproduced the behavior and it works this way after the latest update.
I'll discuss the issue with my team and be in touch.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

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Thank you for the information @Petr !
Just let me know how the discussion goes :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @SnowBlue,

Please try to Create custom connector and use the Merge DOCX action from the custom connector in power Automate.

Please let me know if the results work for you.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Thank you for the reply! I tried to create the custom connector and use the Merge Docs Action here. I still get the Page break between the two merged templates.

Hi @SnowBlue,

This is my result from the custom connector:

There is the section break, but no page breaks.

Unfortunately, there no other ways to merge it for now.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Hi @Petr,
Thank you for your test result.

The interface looks different now when creating a custom connector, should I write "Access Key" under "Parameter label"? I didn't change this last time, it was "API key" instead of "Access Key", when I create my custom connecter.

Hello! Yes, you need to enter 'Access Key' in the 'Parameter label' field.

Thank you @Evgeniy !

I tired to write "Access Key" texts in the "Parameter label" field. The texts has been forced back to "API Key" upon saving the custom connector.

I created the custom connecter the second time. And I still get page break when merge the two document templates. If there is no other solution, we can educate our user to delete the page break manually after they generate the Word file.

Hi @SnowBlue,

As far as I know, you do not need to enter or edit anything in the 'Security' tab at all. To create a custom connector, just click 'New custom connector' and paste the following link:

After that, specify a name for the connector and click 'Create connector':

All set:

Thank you so much @a.cox for the details!

I tried to create the custom connector again without changing anything under "Security" tab by following your instruction. And I created the simple test Power Automate as below.

The custom Merge Docx still created a page break in between the two templates. I am using exactly the same Template1 and Template2 that I attached in my initial post.

By far, I have created three Custom connectors, they all behave the same i.e. adding the page break between two templates. I just attach the set-up of the latest custom connecter I created at the end. Hopefully it helps.

Hi @SnowBlue,

Please try setting the "Apply header and footer" flag to No:


Hi @a.cox

Thank you so much. This worked!

The "Apply header and footer" option only exists in custom connector, I just want to confirm if there is any risk to use the custom connector? Because we need to evaluate if we are going to replace all our existing standard Merge Docx action to the custom Merge Docx action.

Risks such as:

  1. The custom connecter actions might be updated in the future so the "Apply header and footer" will disappear again?
  2. The custom connecter will not receive any updates from Plumsail side, so if in the future Plumsail Document get a lot of good updates, but the custom connecter cannot receive those updates anymore.
  3. If I choose "No" for "Apply header and footer", will it affect the outcome document to not include contents (texts and image) located in Word header and footer? We have texts and company logo image in the header and footer in the original Word template. What the "Apply header and footer" means here (any documentation)? I did a test with header and footer texts, and choose "No" for "Apply header and footer", the outcome document still have the header and footer texts, it's what we need.


To sum up, my question is: What risks we should consider before we use the custom connector for Merge Docx action? Is there any thing more we should consider rather than the three points I mentioned above?

Hello @SnowBlue,

It's safe to use the custom connector, moreover all new features firstly go to the custom connector and then released to the public connector (it depends on the Microsoft approval).

The feature "Apply header and footer" will appear in the public connector after some time (usually 1-2 months) and we'll also update the documentation for this.

The main idea of the option is not to remove your headers and footer but apply headers and footers from other documents from the DOCX set to one without it.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

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