Relations between tickets


We have a wish.

Some times a ticket assigned to me produce another ticket to one of my colleaques.
We use the Helpdesk in 3 different department, with separate views.

As it is now there is no relation between those tickets, and it would help if the ticket, which initiate the related ticket, some how showed the status and progress on the related ticket.

It could be that I neeed to do something when the related ticket is closed etc.

Best regards.

Brian Smidt
[email protected]

Hello Brian!

  1. In the Tickets list, create a lookup column which refers to the same list and get information from the Ticket ID field:

  2. Open the New form for customization, add the field to the form and save it. Thus, you will be set a relation right on a ticket creation.

  3. Then switch to the Edit form, add the same lookup field too, a new tab and a list or library control onto it:

  4. Select the list or library control and set the current list a data source, a required view and the newly created lookup field:

  5. Save the form and repeat the same for the Display one:

  6. Set for some ticket its relation to others:

  7. And find it on the accordant tab in them: