SLA Subject titles

I wanted to ask if it's possible to change the colour of the ''Subject'' to reflect the urgency of the
ticket .For example, I want the Subject: ''Unassigned Ticket'' to be in Amber colour or any other colour. I want to do this while using the scheduler to create task or when creating triggers.



Hi @Ndy,
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that email Clients that support HTML email format parse email body only and show subject as text. Can you do this with your regular email client (color the email Subject I mean)?
If I'm correct, there's nothing to be done from the HelpDesk side to color the email subject.

Hello, @Ndy.

As @v.uspenskii noticed, there is no way to format subject of messages. To highlight important messages, you could categorise them with an Outlook rule. I would advise you to add a keyword or a key combination of symbols to the subject of the notification you are configuring using the Scheduler or the Triggers. Then create the rule (in Outlook settings of the mailbox) and configure it like this: