Using the same tag twice shows the TAG


I am trying to do some documents and I need to hide a lot of texts based on some tags. In my case I am not allowed to send the text into a tag for reasons.
I found out that using the TRUE/FALSE values they will not show on the final document, so I am mostly using it, but I am getting wrong results when I use the same tag in more than one place.


test_template.docx (13.2 KB)


test_json.txt (86 Bytes)


Test_result.docx (18.8 KB)

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @thais,

I thin k you can try to use hide-block-if-empty , i.e. {{tag1}:hide-block-if-empty}

In that case a tag will be displayed only id there is a value: true, 1 or any other value.

Use different tags for different sections. So, tag1 and tag 2 for the first section, tag3 and tag 4 for the second, etc. This way you'll ensure that a correct tag is displayed/hidden.

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Petr Bushuev
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Hi @Petr

Thank you! I tried with the empty tag and the logic works, but it shows the value when it is not empty, so it do not solve my problem, because I need a tag that will show no value on the final document.


I will try think about some value that I can send on my tags and it will work on all my texts. I was thinking about the period, but I have 12 tags in each cell (and over 1000 cells), so I am not sure how to do it, but I will keep thinking.
Thank you!!!!


Our developers just released an update that should improve the logic.

So, using the same tag twice and more is supported now, including arrays.

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Plumsail team


To use hide-block-if-empty formatter please use the syntax:


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Plumsail team


I tried this using the same tag more than 2 times, and it seems to not work. Can you please confirm?


Hi @Anita_Tran,

It's not supported yat. I asked the developers to check if we can add this feature.
I'll reply a bit later once I have some details.

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Plumsail team

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